Grant M Fisher
Illustrator + Designer


Hi! I'm Grant. I am a designer based just south of Nashville, TN. Despite being born and raised in a small town in Tennessee, I managed to survive without a southern accent. I've been in Nashville for the past five years, and live here with my better half, Nichole and my (almost) 3 year-old son Hudson. They are both awesome. 

I got a copy of the Adobe Creative Suite when I was a kid, and that was it for me. I remember countless weekends being holed up in my room wrapped up with a stack of books to learn the different Adobe apps. That passion that developed as a kid still survives today, and I think my passion is evident in my design. I love to create fun, engaging designs that speak to the message you are trying to deliver, without being too complicated. I'm obsessed with icon design currently, and post just about every day on my Instagram account @gfmakes, and also regularly post on my Dribbble account.

I am currently taking on new projects, so please take a look around to see if my style is a fit for the type of work you are looking to have done! Currently taking on these projects:

  • Icon sets
  • Branding/Identity
  • Website/UI icons
  • Explainer Videos