Grant M Fisher
Illustrator + Designer
Event Lion_Dark Background.png


EventLion is a Tennessee-based startup that works to elevate events via social media. They also work with brands to enhance their approach to social media, through coaching and strategic social campaigns. Find them at

In 2015, EventLion launched as a social brand to help elevate events, such as conferences and concerts. I was contacted by EventLion to help create an identity for the brand.

This project ran the gamut for different types of project work needed to launch this brand successfully. I helped to create a brand identity for the business, as well as an explainer video, icon design, social media shareables, and print layout, among others.

Explainer Video

I put this motion graphics piece together over the course of 3 weeks. I was responsible for all graphics and animations contained in the piece.


EventLion FINAL-16.png



Social Media Shareables