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Hello, world

As a kid, I loved to write. I was constantly thinking up new characters, imagining the worlds they lived in, and writing about their adventures. I channelled my childhood imagination into writing and storytelling. It’s only in my adulthood, looking back that I realized just how MUCH I loved to write when I was a kid. Somehow, at some point along the way, my love of writing faded. Once I got further into school, I was forced to write about things I didn't care about, and was graded based on uninspired writing. It got old after a while.

I also lost my love of writing all those years ago due to writing's complicated nature, and all the different "styles" you're supposed to write in, like Chicago, MLA, etc. They're complicated, and made writing too structured for me. While they teach structured principles of writing, but so much of great writing is about feeling what you're writing. Something I always found hard to balance if you're trying to be "technically" correct in your writing.

In high school and college, anything that I had to write was a challenge. I don't think I ever wrote anything I felt "proud" of. I wrote as little as possible, because let’s face it, writing is hard.

The older I get, and the more I grow as a professional, there's one skill that I'm beginning to realize is indispensable. Of course it's writing. My path in life has finally led me to want to write again, as well as the need to write better, both personally and professionally. Whether it be copy for a new website I'm working on, a script I'm writing for an eLearning project, or even an email to a client, I'm constantly finding myself having to write. Time to level up.

I've always been told, the key to getting better at something is doing more of it. So that's the intention of this blog. Sometimes I might write a tutorial or write about the last thing I built, and it might not be perfect. Either way, it's all in the name of writing, sharing, and becoming a more effective communicator.

If you've made it this far, whew, thanks for reading!

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