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Welcome to my blog! Follow this blog for great Adobe Illustrator tutorials, best practices, and tips and techniques to take your illustration skills to the next level!

Some excuses, and the next steps with this blog

Admittedly, I've been very timid when it comes to blog writing in 2015. I have half-written so many posts, and have deleted every single one of them. I know that it's all about just getting it out there, but my biggest concern has been about drawing an audience to my blog based on a specific subject that I wasn't passionate about. I really believe that curation is crucial to building an audience, and didn't want to start up a blog on a certain subject, and then change gears after a few months or so.

This summer, I decided to start up a second Instagram account focused only on my design work. It serves as an outlet for all the random designs I put together, and mainly I started it so I wouldn't spam all of my friends who couldn't care less. But as a result, because that account is curated with the same type of content, it has gained way more attention than I could have imagined so far, because people know what to expect. 

I've decided that I want to curate this blog as well, and want to fill it with Adobe Illustrator content specifically. Be it a finished design, a tutorial, a video, a time-lapse design video, I plan to do many things related to design, in ways that I hope can help you in your journey to master Adobe Illustrator.

Most of what I learned about design, I learned outside of school, through others, and through curiousity. I plan to cater my content at first to the Novice to Intermediate level Illustrator user, so you will definitely see some of the basics in here.

I hope you enjoy, and most importantly, I hope you learn!